You're Home Comfort Is Our #1 Goal

No one works harder to ensure your home is comfortable than the staff at Sterling Service of Florida. We are a full service Air Conditioning and Heating provider. At Sterling Service we provide service, repairs, sales and installation of residential package, split and mini-split air conditioning and heating systems including heat pumps. We service the greater Tallahassee and Quincy Florida area.

Our services include:

Service: We provide Annual and Semi-Annual servicing of you cooling and heating system. Like your car, your air conditioner is a hard-working machine. It generates a lot of heat and has a lot of moving parts. It requires fluids and lubricants. Air conditioners are exposed to the elements, collect dust and dirt and are subject to immeasurable wear and tear. In order to keep your air conditioning system working at its most efficient and economical, you should have it tuned up by a qualified HVAC professional annually. Why? Because they can reduce equipment breakdowns by as much as 95% and help lower utility bills.

Repairs: No one likes their Air Conditioner to breakdown in the heat of a Florida summer. Should you experience a failure, we will respond quickly, accurately diagnose the problem and make the proper repairs. You will be "kept in the loop" through-out the entire process and no repairs will be made until you have a full understanding of the problem, know the cost, and approve the repairs. We will never mislead you or over sell what your system needs.

Sales and Installation: Should you eventually need a new system, we will help you make an informed decision. We will discuss your needs and desires as well as pricing. We will not sell you items or services you do not want. We will professionally install your new system and follow up with you afterwards. We also perform any warranty work (should it be required) on systems we install.

Double Check Program: If you have a different Air Conditioning company come to your house for repairs and they try to convince you that you need a new system, give us a call. For half our normal call-out/diagnostics fee, we will come evaluate your system and give you an honest assessment. Most people in the trade are honest hard working men and women, but there a few I like to all the "used car salesmen". Their only goal is to sell you a new system. We have gone to some customers homes after one of the "used car salesman" and been able to make minor repairs to an otherwise perfectly good system